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Trov enters public beta in the US with the introduction of Trov 3.1!

Today, we’re excited to announce that Trov, the cloud for your things, is officially launching into public beta in the US! After over 6 months of private beta, we’ve learned a lot, listened a lot and iterated a lot! What this means is that an invitation code is no longer required to access Trov in the United States (all other markets still require a code). For more on our announcement, click here. Trov 3.1 brings with it some significant aesthetic and functional updates, including an all new Value Dashboard, Item Detail Page and Multi-Select Trov (amongst a ton of other little changes!) If you haven’t downloaded your Trov yet, get it here. Here’s a more detailed run-down, along with some of our big features from Trov 3.0 (in case you missed them).

Multi-select your things and easily share, insure, sell or delete

You asked to be able to multi-select items in your Trov and we delivered! Easily share, sell, insure or delete multiple items in your Trov by tapping ‘Actions’ from your Trov.

> Trov - Value Every Thing You Own


All New Visualization on Your Value Dashboard

We’ve completely overhauled the Value Dashboard, so it is easier to quickly see the different values of your things. We’ve pulled property and vehicles out of your Trov pie chart, so you can more easily reference them at a glance.Trov - value every thing you own

New Item Screen and Feature Images

We’ve dramatically simplified the Trov item screen, giving you better visibility to different values for items and allowing you to select your favorite photo, so your Trov looks fantastic!Trov - Value Every Thing You Own

And… ICYMI big updates from Trov 3.0 (last month)

New Interface and Activity Feed

You’ll notice that your Trov now opens on an Activity Feed as the home screen. This Feed keeps you updated on all the latest activity in your Trov. We’ve also introduced a new interface that makes it easier than ever to add items and navigate your Trov’s features.Add things to your Trov

Add things by simply scanning a barcode

Now you can scan any product that has a barcode and images, details and its value will be immediately populated and added to your Trov.Trov Barcode Scan

Add things by typing a few letters with Product Search

Trov Product Search allows you to quickly add things to your Trov by typing a few letters and then selecting your item from a list.Trov Product Search

Automatically add purchases by fetching receipts from your email inbox

Put your Trov on auto-pilot by linking your inbox so that items from your past and future email receipts are automatically added to your Trov. We support digital receipts from thousands of the most popular merchants in North America!Trov Email Sync

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